Amazing Kids! Magazine

Mountain’s Story

by Maggie Johnson, age 13, Thousand Oaks, CA

Lift your eyes and behold the mountain’s beauty

Ever changing though the season

The colors of the mountain remind you of something fruity

Snow on the mountains in the winter is the reason

For a visit and in early spring the snow begins to melt

But the caps of the tallest stay white, as if powdered sugar was dusted on

As spring goes on, swells of flowers bloom, here and there as soft as fine felt

Once again trees begin to grow and wild beauties, most unlike your lawn

Summer comes around and yet more green grows

Ever darkening to new shades

Life and movement all around, like the flurry of violinists’ bows

Autumn comes and leaves fall, the wind brushes them aside like maids

Winter is coming once again and the animals are prepared

Another year has come and gone, and the mountain’s story has been shared