Amazing Kids! Magazine

Moving On

By Lisa Douglas, Age 13, Oregon


“Moving On” is a poem about moving on past the pain and regret that surrounds you when you are being bullied. I was first interested in this topic when a speaker came to our school. He helped us learn valuable lessons about knowing that you were never what the bullies called you, and that bullying had to stop.


Moving on,
past lies and rumors,
past tears and regret.
Moving on to something happier,
to something good in my life.
They had said,
using their vile, evil words,
that I was horrible,
wretched beyond belief.
But I knew,
that I was nothing,
nothing like what they said.
I was beautiful,
special and unique.
I knew that they would never again hurt me,
with their vile, evil words,
because I am moving on.
Moving on to a better life.
Moving on,
to happiness.