Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Body Is the Body of Music

By Jordan Brunk, age 14, Oklahoma


My body is the body of music.
My brain is the conductor
Waving its strengthened arms,
Making sure that
Everything fits together
Like pieces of a puzzle
That slide into each other
The way one slips under the spell
Of sleep after a tiresome day.
My heart is the metronome
Keeping a steady beat
To the sound of music
Played harmoniously.
My blood is the melody
Flowing in my veins
And in my arteries
To a new section
Of my body
Line after line,
Space after space.
My fingers are the notes
Being struck,
Humbling themselves
To jump the right pitches
Measure after measure.
My legs are bows scrambling
Back and forth every measure,
Regaining control and
Mastery over the music,
Pushing over the string,
And forcing sound to peek
Out of its miraculous, little shell.
My body is the body of music.