Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Mother Is the Sun

By Sarina Patel, Contributing Writer


My mother is the sun.
Her compassionate, fierce gaze burns into me,
Warming and enlightening me with her graceful radiance,
With her ringing laughs and beautiful smiles.
Sometimes, she dapples my shadow-silhouetted paths,
Encouraging me to blossom with her brilliant light.
To look forward at her blazing, comforting rays.
Occasionally, her looks are demanding and scorching,
Persistently pushing me to achieve – to get better!
Her determined voice resonates with passion and wisdom,
Inspiring me with the rays of bold power,
That shine brightly like her caring, brave, gold heart.
I thank my mother for always being my sun,
A picturesque hero that illuminates my path.
May you continue to shine on.