Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Mother

by Irina Bucur, age 11, Pennsylvania

When I am sad,
When I am weak and sick,
My mother sits near my bedside,
She smiles that smile
That brightens my day,
She laughs that laugh
That clears my sadness,
And brings joy everywhere
When I am sick,
She will help me,
She will wake up at
12:00 P.M or 3:00 A.M,
To her, it doesn’t matter,
“You will always be my baby,” she says.
“Old or young, I’ll always love you.”
Same for her,
She can bear 1,000 wrinkles,
She can crouch with a cane,
She can have white hair,
It does not matter,
She will always be my mother,
And I
Shall love her
For eternity,
“I love you, mom.”