Amazing Kids! Magazine

My True Wish

By Yashfeen, age 14, Saudi Arabia


My wish is to become a doctor,
So I can help those who are in need,
And I will achieve my target indeed.
I will work hard and be strong
So that nothing will go wrong.
I will pass the stairs of hardships,
So I can cross it with the bond of friendship.
I will get success in any case
So that I can help those who are in disgrace.
No one can stop me in any way
‘cause I will always be on my straight way.
Fears will be afraid of me
When I will be filled with knowledge of light,
When I will become what I wish to be.
I will treat people without any fee;
I will fight death and disease
So that everyone can have eased.
I will surely earn respect in a society
By being a good citizen in my locality.