Amazing Kids! Magazine

Mysterious Spaceship

By Edina Molnár, 10th Grade, Ukraine

Suddenly some surprised whirring noise hits my ears.

It sounds like a siren of hectic, or if you like a hectic of siren.

I look at my fearful friends,

it is not me, I’m not hallucinating.

We go down to the backyard of shocked.

We push through the breathless bushes,

next to us, next to the tree of excitement

a funny spaceship descends.

The microwave-sized machine is made up of angry Lego bricks.

The little door of frustration opens,

at first all I see are some happy fingers,

then for the second glance an interested puppy with white fur

and long anxious whiskers jumps out.

It was cute, I felt compelled to kneel down and pet it.

Then it just crawled away and disappeared into the scare of darkness.

Into the darkness of scare.