Amazing Kids! Magazine

Nature’s Beauty

By Rosemary, 14, Saudi Arabia


Every time I get up at morning,
I see the flowers blossoming.
I wake up when the rays of the sun
Poke me in the face, hoping for some fun.
I lean on the windowsill
Just to see the soaring height of the hills.

Staring out into the broad daylight,
Rushing out to see a breathtaking sight.
I see how the fairies adorn the flowers
With silver, glistening dewdrops being lowered.
The fog encircles the mountain’s peak;
Only nature’s beauty do I seek.

The waterfall jumps with a great thud,
Splashing everywhere a bit of mud.
The city’s filled with hustle and bustle,
But I only want to hear the trees rustle.
The leaves turn red, preparing for autumn;
To see how they fall, they know I’ll come.

As dawn starts, with the sun going low,
I can see the skies turning red with a tinge of indigo.
I rush home because it’s too late;
Surely I will go out the next day at any rate
Only to enjoy nature’s beauty,
Something, from childhood, I wanted to see.