Amazing Kids! Magazine

Nature’s Illusions

By Kristi Kadenaj, age 12, Canada


Listen to the melodious birds sing in seamless harmony
Oh, how they make me blush!
I’m transferred out of the universe into a different reality
It’s flawless, and my heart seems to rush
There, I wake up in a castle made from the purest of gold
It’s always spring here where all I can see are luxuriant flowers’ return from the cold
But these delights are only here for half the year
Although the other half has its own pleasures to show
When it’s wintertime, water starts to freeze
Icicles dangle from the pine trees
It appears to be silent; there’s no one that I can see
The world is completely frozen
Nothing much to do except to lie down and watch
Because the beauty is so delicate
It goes away by the touch