Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Tanmaya Murthy, Poetry Editor


The splendid sheen of the star studded sky,
The nocturnal wind drifting past the city lights.
A phase when you see the glitters come alive,
Adorning and enhancing the beautiful sights.

The scenic memories which the solar fails to deliver
And when darkness is the ultimate triumphant fellow.
The craterous majesty beaming over the azure river;
The pearly shine adding hues, myriad and mellow.

The reflection over the waters is a classic connection
Between the serene sky and the blissful blue fields
And the night air between them is a bond of affection
A relation so pure and pristine, the night yields.

The fireflies zooming with passion and pride
For they know that is time for their gold to shimmer
Enjoying every moment of this joyous nightly ride;
Spirals of sparkling hope when everything seems dimmer.