Amazing Kids! Magazine

Night – Night Urbanites

By Parsa Soltani, Age 15, Virginia


In pairs in the streets in night’s darkest hour,
Observing all that goes on at this time,
The city is sleeping at the moment,
The people are resting.

It has been a long day up and out,
At work, and sometimes at play,
But now it is time to rest,
To sleep, and to recharge depleted batteries,
Time to do all that for most people, that is.

Most, and not all, for some of us are
The kind of people whose duty it is to
Remain awake, and alert as well
For the entire night,
To guard the city against those dangers
Which endanger it every night.

The dangers range in variety,
From common criminals to building dangers,
But whatever the case, the Night Guard
Will surely make it all right,
Re-lighting burned-out lamps along the way.


[First line inspired by Arthur Symons, “April Midnight”]