Amazing Kids! Magazine

Night Sparks

By Allison Stein, age 12, Michigan


The dark sky of expectancies,
Of wonders, hopes, and awes,
Is shooting with bright radiance,
A dozen fireworks.

It’s as bright as daybreak,
And as loud as a brass trombone,
The falling dots of red, white, and blue,
The flying sparks of night.

It blasts and booms as loud as it can,
But it’s as calm as a gentle breeze,
As I watch the bright colors clash,
They swirl with great delight.

Some are little golden dots,
Just as small as sparks,
Some are big and colorful,
That light the entire night.

They dazzle in the sky,
They shine as bright as sunlight,
They crash and clash,
And I watch a dozen fireworks.

Glittering and gleaming,
The night sparks in the sky,
They’re shooting now overhead,
All those little, silver sparks.

At the midnight hour,
The colors gain that beauty,
As bright as a rainbow,
And as light as a dewdrop.

The night sparks are as glittery,
As a million gel pens in the sky,
The night sparks are as enticing,
As the sweetness of a robin’s song!