Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Paul Ngu, age 15, New York

She woke up early that morning,

In Expectance, Excitement, Elation.

And as she skipped down the pebble filled road,

Her faded blue blouse bouncing in the sun filled sky,

She reminded herself of the letters and the pictures,

The memories of him, her father.

A droplet of water trickled down her rosy cheeks,

But she wiped it quickly with her rough scratchy sleeves,

Reminding herself of what her father expected of her,

A girl no longer, a woman now.

And as she opened the door with her tiny timid hands,

Her olive green eyes wide eyed as she glanced around,

She saw amidst the blur of men and women,

Donning their suits as they strode forth impatiently,

A man, waiting in the corner, with a single piece of luggage,

Standing, staring, smiling, with hopeful gray eyes.

And so she ran and embraced him, flung herself upon his shoulders,

Her father grasping her with hands big and wrinkled with age,


She slept late that night,

In Expectance, Excitement, Elation,

Of what had happened, of what was to come.