Amazing Kids! Magazine

On the Train

By Edina Molnár, 10th Grade, Ukraine

Sitting on the Margaret-patterned seats

of a train between the Bahamas and Beijing,

I feel time passing slowly like when

you’re waiting for Christmas in the middle of September

Painting my nails yellow and red to remember

China when I’m over the ocean.

The room smells like fresh strawberries

with a hint of sugar on the top.

Put my iPod on shuffle,

every song tastes the same,

it feels like they are all written for me.

For a minute I see the ghost of Napoleon

asking me the question ‘To be or not to be?’

I keep staring, the answer is fuzzy,

but only until I see a little boy

balancing a ball on his nose,

eager to find the center of gravity.

‘Once I grow tall I’ll become a basketball player

and I’ll make it to NBA.’ he turns to Galileo

waiting for a smile or an encouraging sign,

but all he gets is:

‘Well boy, the cure for fate is patience.’