Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Janhavi Govande, Age 11, Texas


As Mouse lay on a terrace,
Squirrel was fast asleep, dreaming about Paris.
When Squirrel wakes up, it is midnight.
She says to mouse, “Let’s go to the city of lights.”
So Mouse gets ready, and Squirrel too.
Squirrel goes fast, and Mouse goes steady.
They get to the airport just in time,
Because then, the clock begins to chime.
Mouse and Squirrel get on a plane,
They were flying over Paris when it begins to rain.
When they are landing, the rain stops,
And out of the clouds, a rainbow pops!
Squirrel goes to a big, big mall,
She buys a big glittery ball.
Squirrel meets a little butterfly,
And together, they weave a tie.
Then Squirrel sees Mouse,
She shouts “Come look at this dollhouse!”
Then they have to go home,
So Mouse wears his toga from Rome.
They get on a Persian plane,
On the plane, Mouse and Squirrel play trains.