Amazing Kids! Magazine

Protecting Nature

By Aaryan Gupta, age 11, India


Nature is a gift from earth;
Gold is nothing in front of its worth.

Nature’s beauty everybody desires,
But what about the black telephone wires?

To place them, we have to cut trees
And close up the flowing breeze.

All people want nature to come for their sake,
But what about the smoke cars and buses make?

Air becomes black because of this pollution—
So much that there is no solution.

Everybody wants nature to come and greet,
But what about the trash thrown on the street?

It makes land dull and gray;
Cleaning it is nobody’s way.

Everybody should keep nature clean.
Do you understand what I mean?

If all of us will work together,
We can have clean and fresh weather.

Nature will have benefited us, too,
When the land will become green and the sky, blue.