Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Janhavi Govande, Age 11, Texas


As Mouse reads a big, big book,
And Squirrel watched a video on cooks,
The plane was landing in the city of Rome,
Far, far away from home.
Mouse and Squirrel get off the plane.
Where they meet a white Great Dane.
Mouse says, “I want to go to a pond!”
The Great Dane leads them to a pond,
And Mouse and Squirrel rest on Fern Fronds,
They make friends with an otter.
When Squirrel says she’s hot,
The Otter says, “Oh, days in Rome get even hotter.
Otter gives them some lunch,
Mouse and Squirrel get a wheat bunch.
Then they have to go home,
And the plane heads away from Rome.
Once again, Squirrel stared at pearly sea foam,
While Mouse wears a toga, colored chrome.