Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Nayma Khan, 15, California


The unexplainable longing
To abandon life as you know it
And blindly step into uncharted land
Is merely a fantasy for any run of the mill
But the sublime reality of the few free-spirited
Daring enough to discover every crevice and abyss
Of our cryptic planet Earth.
Either rich with history
Or gleaming with cutting-edge notions of tomorrow,
Every metropolis, town, and village
Has its own tale to tell
That not everyone gets to hear.
Whether it’s the innovative, urban country of Japan;
The humbling grasslands of Africa;
Or a small, Midwest town in the U.S.,
All vicinities of our world deserve to be explored and appreciated.
Look for a new mountain to climb,
A new river to cross,
A new place to rove.