Amazing Kids! Magazine

Seasonal Greetings

By Allison Stein, age 12, Michigan


Springtime opens up our year,
Tulips, violets, and lilies, so early into bloom,
And new life is arriving,
Robins, tadpoles, and rabbits,
That makes the world alive with sunshine.

And summer suns are raging hot,
Picnics on the patio,
Swimming in the pool,
Cooling off with a refreshing beverage,
And watching the world grow.

Autumn becomes cooler,
And leaves are sparkly red,
The skies are somewhat cloudless,
From watching overhead,
The squirrels gather nuts, bears lay in their den,
Preparing for long months ahead.

Winter sprinkles snow,
And lots of season’s greetings,
The holly is strung from place to place,
But the trees are bare,
And the animals hide away,
Except for an occasional sparrow,
At the peak of the horizon,
Ready to start a new day!