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Seeing Stars

By Alayna Cooper, age 12, Illinois


There once was a boy who lived far away;
Clouds covered the sky during the day.
At night, the bright lights blinded the stars,
The bright lights of the roaring cars.
And every night when the sun disappeared,
There was a deadly fight where people yelled and cheered.
And the polluted air would rush in his ears
As the boy lay awake, his eyes full of tears.
The grass was dead; the trees were brown.
Dust rode the breeze; flowers wilted down.
The sky was dark, his future, grim.
His family was gone; the sun was dim.
The air was hot, heavy, and sad;
Oh, yes, the boy had a right to be mad.
The rustle of leaves could never be heard
Nor the peaceful chirping of a bird.
All was lost; all was dry,
All the boy could get out was a long, lonely sigh.
Soon he left the dreadful place,
Leaving without a single trace.
His backpack was heavy, but his soul was light
As he made his way through the dark of night.
And when he stopped, he looked up at the sky,
But all was still dark; the stars were all too shy.
Yet he kept going; he had to try,
So he hiked through the decay,
Looking up every day,
Until one night when he arrived at a land.
Oh, how it was amazing and grand!
Yes, the grass was bright green;
It was a land for a queen.
The trees danced and sang;
The bright leaves would hang
Until a light, cool breeze
Would ruffle the trees.
The water would splash;
The magic fish would dash.
The snow-tipped mountains stood tall,
Not willing to fall.
And the boy looked up, hoping to see
A star, for once, in the sky like a sea.
Instead, he saw millions of them,
Scattered across like one big, sparkling gem.
So the boy smiled wide
With a happiness from inside.
The boy was grateful; he needed no more
As he gazed up at the stars by the shore,
Grinning every time he looked afar
Because he knew now that he’d seen a star.

One comment

  1. Rosemary /

    I love your rhyming poem, Alayna! Its wunnerful.