Amazing Kids! Magazine

Sixteen Years and Still Growing

By Amaris Janel Henderson, age 16, Texas


I wait on my little
Sister to tell me what to do.
My ear, actively listening,
Clears with the sound of her voice.
Maybe the three inches
She grew made me
More than just smaller.

I ignore my father
When he tells me what to do.
My head, curling to the side,
Focuses anywhere but on him.
Maybe since he was and is and
Always will be bigger than I,
The gap is a fact
I could ignore.

I tell my younger
Brother what to do.
My lips, striking in tempo,
Give birth to a growl
Only he would fear.
Maybe the inch between us is
Something I hold onto, for I know
It will pass soon.

And sometimes,
I wish I were a baby.
My body, inch by inch
With my mother’s,
Only wishes it were smaller.
Maybe I miss being cradled
And held against her chest.

I’ll ask her to sing
The lullaby she wrote for me
Just one more time

Because that was a place
Where telling people what to do
Didn’t matter.

All she would
Want me to do is
Remember that I
Was her gift from
The sky.