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Snow White

By Caolan Fleming, Age 10, Ireland


Here is the real version of the story
The adults leave out the guts and gory.
The queen got up with her wake up call
And asked the mirror who is the prettiest of them all?
The mirror thought for a second then replied
“Snow White is the prettiest,” he then lied.
The truth is he hated Snow White and wanted her dead
And he knew the queen believed whatever he said.
That drove the queen into a rage.
She ordered her slave to get out of his cage.
“I want you to find her and take her life.”
The slave understood and she gave him a knife.
To be sure he didn’t get very fat.
He wasn’t aware of technology and got ran over by a car.
So the queen took matters into her own hands
And after about dozen 3 liter cans
Of ice cold filthy ancient beer.
In her mind, an answer was clear.
She thought of making a poisonous fruit
and after putting on her poison making suit
The queen and her slaves got to work.
She beat up one slave for failing and called him a jerk.
When all the work was finished and everything was done
The mysterious apple dazzled everyone.
She went to Snow Whites house
in her favorite poisoning people blouse.
Which is kind of weird because she never poisoned anyone before.
Anyway, Snow White took one bite and her tummy felt sore.
Snow White dropped down and died.
The queen rushed behind a bush to hide.
The prince came and kissed Snow White.
But that move might have not been so bright.
Cause if you kiss someone with poison on his or her lips you’ll die too.
No matter how much he or she may be in love with you.
From that day on there was no happiness or laughter.
And the queen lived happily ever after.

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  1. Aniyah /

    SAD….although unique i did really enjoy this poem i did chuckle and i like how you change it up a bite. Creative I would say!!