Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Allison Stein, Assistant Editor and Poetry Editor


Discouraged! Defeated! Deflated!
Why don’t we just give up?
Why don’t we collapse on the ground
And forget our aspirations?

Dreams are dreams and only that;
Why do we imagine they’ll come true?
We work toward our goals
Only to be disappointed again.

Maybe dreams aren’t meant to be realized;
They’re only luring impossibilities
That captivate us—lift up our hope—
Then drop us to the realm of defeat.

Lying on the ground,
I slowly pull myself up
And find just enough stamina
To take one more step.


  1. Allison Stein /

    Thank you! I enjoyed reading “The Right Ingredients”!

  2. Noah Kilgore /

    I was accepted in the June edition, but I seem to think that this poem is very inspiring. Great job.