Amazing Kids! Magazine

Starry Night

By Maryiam Syed, age 8, Nevada


One peaceful night while the calm breeze went by,
Sitting on the pavement, I looked up at the sky,
Where I could see the stars from all the way down.
It was a calm and beautiful night: Oh, my, oh, my!

The white stars seemed like diamonds that spread the dazzling light;
The blue stars were like sapphires that were a wonderful sight!
The red stars resembled shiny rubies sparkling across the dark sky;
The yellow stars were like gold as they lit up the dark night.

If I have trouble or lose my way,
I think of the North Star: It will lead my way.
The North Star solves problems with its magic and grace.
It’s a friend to me that gets rid of my dismay.

So, dear friends, if you want to see
Some loyal companions and friends to me,
They go here and there while spreading the shimmering stardust:
The singing, dancing, twinkling stars live in the sky so free.


  1. Isabelle /

    How beautiful the poem is! I have really enjoyed it.


  2. Wow, what an amazing wisdom from 8 year old. Beautiful.