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By Gabi Capocelli, age 15, Colorado

Each day we rise and fall with a notion alike to that of the previous one.
Each day now only seems a small glimmer of reality,
a glimpse of trueness.
Each rise and fall brings new discoveries of what life is.
Never in this life will I know exactly what I’m doing,
where I’m going,
who I will be,
but with each day,
we come closer to the end of an endless expanse of rolling hills,
curving for miles and miles,
for as far as our souls can see.
Each day we go on living a new version of ourselves,
someone recreated and distinct we must take the time to coax into our hearts.
And then,
just when we am starting to recognize this new soul,
the sun sets,
our eyelids fall,
and again, we are faced with this task,
reborn each time with a brighter and bluer sky.
Beauty will come in knowing what we have left on this Earth to be witnessed before God and others,
a part of the person we were within a
few years,
or seconds.
Each day we are creating something one of a kind,
a new treasure left for the Soul of the World as an offering for all it has given us.
Living in simplicity
or eccentricity
are choices governed by a power so great within each of us.
But knowing our journey here comes with
and edge may be something more valuable than the end of the expanse of confusion or the end of our sequence of sunsets and sunrises.
Every heart’s days here are numbers,
but, the final number is something prewritten and predestined by a guiding force greater then all of us.
And we must establish trust in the force that determines our succession,
as time here is irrelevant just as
the light
from each one manifests into something unrealistic and practical,
just as exuberance illuminates from each soul every time a
new sun rises.

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