Amazing Kids! Magazine

Sunset’s Glow

By Sophie Li, Age 12, Canada


Evening tumbles into sunset,
The fierce, scarlet gem.
It radiates such passionate colors into the sky
Softened by the speckled, idle clouds drifting by.
I watch the sunset from my balcony,
It’s a stunning grand finale to witness.
With breathtaking scenery, changing and shifting
And illuminating in that touch of golden.
A silk breeze ripples through my hair
They flow behind me like ribbons of midnight.
It’s so tranquil and serene, as if
Even the world was taking a moment to unwind.
In the sapphire sky, diamonds begin to shimmer
Starlight glistening among the waning colors.
Shadows of trees gradually blending into the nightfall
As Sunset’s glow begins to dwindle away.


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    i like it C: