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Swedish Fish

By Hannah Safer-Brickman, age 16, California


One, two, three hours more.
The speed down the hall.

Like sardines, students stand packed.
A symphony of preteens
Gawking, talking, squawking.
Shimmy through the bunch
Finally, some air.

Prancing about
No fear, no doubt
I plop down at my seat.

My bag bright red
Taunts me then.
“Eat your bagel, Hannah;
“Dessert isn’t first!”

I reach far in;
Tupperware tumble about.
I snag it then:
A clear little box.

There they sat,
Cherry red, smiling back at me.
Half the size of my pinky,
Adorned with little imprinted scales
Familiar to the touch.

Prying it open
All eyes adoringly stare.
But Noah turns the corner,
And I am unaware.

His eyes ignite with fire,
Seen almost by none.
He lunges forward,
My Swedish Fish!

Poof, gone.

One comment

  1. Shoshana /

    Fantastic! I can see them and taste them!