Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Sarina Patel, Contributing Writer


Tablets make me look smart
Even though I don’t need this rectangular slab of metal
To prove my intelligence
Or do I?

Some say that there’s nothing more
Nothing more to the world
Than technology
But without it, where would we be?

When would people start to believe
Adopt this new way of thinking…
When will people be convinced that
Technology is not the way?
When? I want to know!

After all
Technology causes as many problems as solve them.
The human race has survived years and years without it.

Call it eccentric, call it crude;
But technology can be rude.
It’s just a theory.

Driving whole families apart:
Because of the steep telephone bill,
Because of the high demand,
The icy detachment to others.

We can still play board games…
Build things…
Create old-fashioned toys…
And daydream all we wanted…

Create. Discover. Explore.
Start over. Triumph. Accomplish more.