Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Daisy Campos, age 15, California


Every morning I wake up to the sound of birds chirping;
I can hear my family that has woken up before me;
The bright sun shining through my bedroom window
And the pleasant smell of coffee.
It might be early but yet I am thankful for another day;
Thankful for my family,
Thankful for my friends,
Thankful for those who envy me,
Thankful for everything I have.
Worries, the problems emerging;
Still thankful that I have the strength to overcome these problems.
Thankful for religion, education.
In other places many people wish they could have a free education.
I glance up at the sky;
Oh, what a beautiful sunset!
Enjoy the small things, for life is too short.
Be thankful for people in your life,
Good and bad; don’t regret anything.
They all made you the person you are today.