Amazing Kids! Magazine

That They Differ

By KerriAnne Skidmore, age 12, Colorado


Amber eyes flicker as they gaze
Across the horizon
Seeing what others don’t
Somehow, they think that
I am the blind one
I see what others don’t
Tracks leading
To and fro
Trying to sustain my life
And I somehow am the
One who differs
Amber eyes flicker as they gaze
Trying to understand the universe
The truths of right and wrong
Tracks lead
To so many different places
Others wonder, too
Why is it that they say that I differ
From the rest?

Amber eyes flicker as
Black and white wings fill the air
Remembering how much the same it looks
As those they have seen
Yet how different
Without making a sound
They all claim
That I am the one
Who doesn’t make sense

Amber eyes flicker
As the wings fill the air once more
Done faking
Done keeping quiet
They just want to be
And yet,
They are the ones
Who differ