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The Animal Understanding Machine

By Mikaela Sofea binti Badrul Hisham Yeap, Age 9, Malaysia


There are many types of trees,
And although all don’t bear green leaves,
They pose as many an animal’s home,
You don’t know it, but they make up their Rome.
Cute and furry, crawling and hard-shelled,
Your brain would ache with all the things they could tell,
Some are pleasant, some just are not,
Interesting and intriguing are the lot.
Their bloodline goes back to the age of the dinosaurs,
For scientists, it is an important door,
To the time human cells did not even exist,
The time that is first on Scientists’ Interesting List.
Want to know their secrets?
Want to walk where they walked?
Then invent a machine,
That understands animals… lawks!
The researchers will gasp, turn green with envy,
So famous and great I will be,
I will run to sign books so much I’ll be lean,
And I’ll be known as THE inventor of the Animal Understanding Machine.

One comment

  1. Marhalim /

    A very interesting and inquisitive look into the behaviour of a curious mind of a 9-year old! I truly enjoyed the poem. Curious mind + creative approach = Brilliant work!