Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Anything Zoo

By Dominick Maiorca, Age 15, California


I arrived at the zoo,
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
All of these amazing animals,
Wow! What a surprise!

There was a bobcat and cheetah,
A giraffe and rhino.
We were on a safari,
But my brother was looking for a dino?

I saw baboons and gorillas,
All kinds of monkeys.
But my brother wanted disco animals,
So we could get funky?

We looked at zebras,
Nearby the flamingos.
But my brother imagined,
Hippos playing bingo?

I asked my brother why,
He had said all these things.
With a smile he said,
“Cause we can think anything.

We all can imagine,
What we want things to be.
Through my eyes,
I see the zoo that I want to see!”

I thought about what he said,
And let my imagination run wild.
When I opened my eyes,
I saw a zebra with style!

Not white with black stripes,
Or black with white.
But purple and orange!
Yeah, you heard me right.

Toucans and pigeons,
Teaching penguins to fly.
Sad for the penguins though,
They made it nowhere near the sky.

Lions and tigers,
Sat by a pool.
This would be awesome,
If it weren’t for all the drool!

Monkeys and lemurs,
Talked about climbing trees.
Monkeys sprang up and down,
Like they were on a trapeze.

My brother made me realize,
The things imagination can do.
So I pictured it as my own,
My anything zoo.