Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Arms of the Ocean

By Paris Johnson, age 16, Florida


It is as if the ocean has arms that drag me in
Much like the devil pushing us to sin
The water engulfs and cradles the soul
To sleep its sounds will gently lull

The arms of the ocean are like a river in me
I find the signs and clues to whom I wish to be
Your eyes gleam like the water
Crystal blue
I keep my heart a safe distance without a single clue
Dreams keep me hanging on
I truly cannot imagine my life on the day you are gone

Waves of love and hope attack me
Continuously pounding
In a pattern I cannot recognize, the sets are rebounding
The sun has great power with its energy flowing
After hours it leaves our skin tan, brilliant, and glowing
But is a break from the burn too much to ask?

Take off your plastic smiles; take off your mask
Hiding from them is common as a grain of sand but why from me?
I promise a day shall come when we will flee from reprimand
You are as the ocean is, deep and beautiful with parts still unknown
I tell you now, it is at the hip that we are sown

You are a beautiful disaster awaiting relief
I only wish I could bring it faster