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The Authors of History

By Alexander Samuel Brooks, age 11, New York


The world is an imperfect society, seeking a better future
We must take action to ensure a more just environment

We must rise up until no person suffers from hunger
Act out until every human has a roof to dwell under
Fight until every person is judged equally
Battle until everyone has the freedom of expression
Work until all people receive their human rights

But how will we cause tranquility and world peace?
It doesn’t take a person; it takes a group of people
A force, willing to persist through the worst of ordeals
A unity of selfless and empathetic minds
Men and women who obtain unbreakable souls
And it takes power, but it is far from easy

Change is unexplainable by a few words
It determines the history of our people
We are the authors of history, deciding our future
We are the crafters of change, cultivating our world
We are destined to create a future of freedom

We shall provide a voice for those unheard
We cannot wait for history to change
Because history waits for us to change it

One comment

  1. Susan Cohen /

    Alex for President —— NOW!! Hope Mr. Trump reads your beautiful and very important challenges and adopts all of your suggestions! You have expressed yourself in thoughtful and important words — so meaningful to those trying to make our world a better place for all of us. All I can say is that I hope many people read your poem (which should go viral) and take heed.
    I am so proud to know and love you, Alex. You really are a very special person.

    With much love to you and your family,

    Aunt Susan