Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Ballad of Slow Moe

By John Pedicini

From far beyond the farthest seashore,

Where the Atlantis Beach is no more,

A small, baby seagull timed his flight,

By using a snail’s hourglass at night.


The setting sun was faster than him,

Alas, his future was getting dim.

Other seagulls banned him from their flock,

Then laughed, and forced him off the dock.


Alone in the world, no friends in sight,

Loneliness was his shadow at night.

Blown by the wind and tossed by the sea,

He collided with an old oak tree.


Too slow to move and too slow to know,

So a little girl named him, “Slow Moe”.

But he saved her life, as it turned out.

His love was proven beyond a doubt.


A loving home is his one request.

To be your friend, he will do his best.

If you want advice, then he will say,

“Have a slow life, each and every day!”