Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Beauty of Birthdays

By Sarina Patel, Age 9, Florida


Birthday candles
Illuminate the happy faces of people
Their faces alight with the feverish glow
Of diving into scrumptious cake-
Sweet and incredibly delicious-
And having a merry time.
Celebrating a birthday as such,
Is one to cherish and be thankful for.
Embrace the possibility of having friends over,
Ones that are compassionate and kind.
Welcome the chance that your family-
That deeply loves and cares for you-
Shall come and rejoice at your birthday celebration.
Events like these
Are timeless pleasures
That begin as quickly as they end.
Once the last candle is extinguished,
Once cheeks are rosy and full with tantalizing desserts,
Because birthdays are precious.


  1. Gina Reichmuth /

    HAPPY Birthday Sarina!!! Excellent work!!! We are very proud of you!

  2. Anant & Hema /

    Happy Belated Birthday Sarina, Truly a wonderful article

  3. So wonderful Sarina! Great job! And very happy birthday!
    Uma’s mum.

  4. great poem! and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kim pamintuan /

    Happy Birthday, Sarina!
    As always, you have a way with words. Excellent job!

  6. Dominic Hines /

    It is a very good article especially by a nine year old.