Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Big Fight

By Shanmathi Ganesh


Tring tring ,tring the phone rang. Robert ran and grabbed the phone, “Hello, who is this?” said Robert.

The caller said” This is Rosa! Will it be possible to have a play date today?

“Sure” exclaimed Robert.

“What about right now?’ remarked Rosa?

”Ok, I am on the way!” blurted Robert.

Robert ran as fast as he could to Rosa’s house. They played some games and then with toys until Rosa’s mom yelled “Rosa, I have a surprise for you!”

Rosa ran downstairs and saw her surprise. It was a colorful fidget spinner!

Rosa hugged and thanked her mom.

Then, Rosa ran back upstairs and showed it to Robert.

“Wow that is so cool!”  Robert screamed, “Can we share it?” he requested.

Rosa replied “No, this is mine, wont share”.

Robert really wanted it, so he snatched it out of Rosa’s hand desperately. They started pulling at each other’s T- shirts. Suddenly, Rosa’s T- shirt ripped! She ran downstairs to tell her mom. There, she cried and complained “Mom, Robert ripped my T- shirt!

Her mom convinced her telling “Leave it, its ok. You can wear a different shirt”.

Then, her mom called Robert’s mom and said “Robert has been rude, Please, take him home” Robert’s mom was astonished and agreed to pick him up.

Before, she came, Rosa’s big brother returned home from school. He was so rude and bossy. Rosa stood very still. However, Robert did not know about Rosa’s big brother’s character. Her brother shouted “stand in position! “Robert did not listen to her brother. He was about to kick Robert.

But, then Robert’s mom arrived. “Stop! Please! “She yelled at Rosa’s brother.

He stopped immediately.

Robert’s mom grabbed Robert by her hand and screamed “I will never let Robert come here again”

Rosa’s eyes were doleful after Robert moved out of the house. Robert and Rosa have been friends since they were little.  Rosa’s brother felt guilty because he was being mean to Robert. He started thinking about apologizing to Robert, by saying he will never do it again.

He called Robert’s mom and cried “I am so sorry, I will never do this again”

“I believe you!” Robert’s mom said softly.

Rosa’s brother exclaimed “Thank you, very much Aunty! Can we also have a play date tomorrow?” questioned Rosa’s brother politely.

Robert’s mom said” sure”

The next day Robert went to Rosa’s house and they played together happily ever after, with no worries of course!