Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Cherry Tree Secret

By Sarina Patel, age 10, Florida


The crystalline water gushes downstream,
Cold as a frozen snow cone in Antarctica.
I scamper upstream,
Where emerald-green blades of grass flourish,
Cotton-candy clouds gather in massive clusters,
And my hideout lies ahead.
As the young, thriving valleys slope downward,
Melting into a stream of rich brown soil,
I see the cherry tree.
I snatch the smoothest cherry off and examine it,
Hoisting myself up the strong, tall tree.
It’s plump, luscious, sweet, and glassy-looking.
Without scrutinizing it further,
I wean the seed out and pop the cherry into my mouth.
The pleasant juices from the stocky fruit seep in,
Quenching my passionate thirst.
I grasp ahold of this moment,
Where all is tremendously tranquil,
As I gulp down the cherry juices.
Here’s to thirst.
Here’s to summer.