Amazing Kids! Magazine

The City That Never Sleeps

By Mariah Quintanilla, age 15, California


Rising unto a new morning’s light,
New Yorkers prepare for a new day so bright.

A city lit by millions of lights
Surrounded by remarkable towers.
Most know New York City for its historical sites
Along with its cold winter showers.

Subways packed to the brim
Undergoing tunnels
That quickly grow dim.

The Statue of Liberty, a symbol to all
Of freedom and justice
That stands oh, so tall.

There’s so much to hear as long as you listen.
Lights in Times Square continue to glisten.
The Empire State rules all of the city,
Remaining the queen, ever so pretty.

The city full of dreams
Through Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens
That New Yorkers fulfill straight off the streets.
It’s the city that just can’t be beat.

Now that I’ve told you all to see,
Make sure you pay a visit
To the city that never sleeps.