Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Crush

By Jose Portillo, Age 12, California


What do I have to do for you to notice me?
Change my hair, the way I walk?
My clothes, the way I talk?
I’ve known you for some time now
Yet I’m still invisible to you.
My feelings run deep inside me.
I wish you only knew
How much I want to be with you.
I see your face when I close my eyes
You seem so unlike the other girls
To me you’re a Pearl
I wish I was always there
You are as quiet as a hare
You smell like a rose when I walk by
When I see you I tear up and cry
I can taste the love in my mouth
You’re like a flower ready to sprout
I don’t want things to be awkward between us
All I want is your trust
The love runs through the blood inside me
I wish you can only see
To you I’m just a friend
Nothing more nothing less

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  1. Yoshi Barrios /

    beautiful 😉