Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Desert Bandits

By Nick F, Age 11, Oregon


The sun was blazing over the decollate Egyptian desert
And far off in the distance
Barley visible
Stood the two men
Mort and Boggers

These guys where the stuff of legend
Tomb radars, master thieves and greedy bandits
These where the best of the worst
Although they may have had a knack for breaking an entry
They were not the cleverest bunch, only ever acting on a hunch

One day, as they were walking through the hot desert they discovered a well
Due to the heat, they were both rather thirsty
So the men rushed forward racing each other to get to the water first
Unfortunately, their clumsy clamors forced them together and down, down into the well
They tumbled, kicked and rolled all the way down, down, down to the bottom of the well
Hitting the bottom with a loud “clap!”

It was then as the men clamored around in the hot sandy well what they realized,
They were trapped.
Trapped like a rats in a well, as they where
Soon the men began to panic yelling kicking and screaming for help
Their cries for help where herd by a caravan traveling near by

Going against his better judgment, the caravan leader decided to go save the fools in the well
As they drew near, they began to recognize the voices….
Once the group reached the well and looked down, they could do nothing but laugh
For the men in the well had robbed them just a few weeks back
Mort and Boggers where not laughing

Boggers demanded the travelers help them out
But, the travelers refused saying
“It serves you right for what you did, stealing our items in a your hasty bid”
The men replied “Where sorry for what we did just let us out of this hole and let us forgive”
The travelers merely smirked, shook their heads in their own hast bid and walked away

Long into the night the men roared
Discontent with their fate
Trapped in a well only to wait

Long, long they waited begging for help
But no one ever came
So the men decided they would go out bang
And with that the men hollered and roared through the night and into the morn
Disturbing the village wakening its kids
But no one ever thought of forgiving their sins
And so goes the tale of the thief’s and the robber’s Mort and Boggers