Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Disguise

By Rosemary, age 14, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Darkness shall be engulfed by light;
We hope darkness goes away.
Light shall swallow it with all its might;
We hope darkness remains at bay.

Presented with many sorrows,
Unhappy too much, we wail.
Others’ joy we wish to borrow
When in our minds darkness leaves a trail.

Too much we suffer that we fall to our knees,
Feeling that we are not blessed.
What we fail to realize, to see,
Is that others bear no less.

Suffering is a blessing, for we get strong
Through hardships and tumultuous tests.
For joy too much we long
When on our way come quests.

Gold gets purer when tested in fire,
And so our hearts shall be made pure.
For if you need to get better, you need to tire;
It’s the only way, the only cure.

Blessing comes disguised as pain;
To fight it, the journey we must commence.
Sometimes our work seems to go in vain
So that we learn the gift of patience.