Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Doorknob in the Closet

By Zak Nantais, age 12, Canada

There once was a doorknob in a closet.

This doorknob was rusty and old.

It’s surface was battered and dirty,

but it was made of solid gold.


This doorknob was probably worth millions,

if it were ever found.

The only problem was no one

was ever around.


The house it was in was massive

stretching nearly 220 feet high.

The front porch was giant with an awning

that kept the lawn dry.


The family that owned the house

only used a floor or two.

So the doorknob was never found

as it was on floor twenty-two!


So the poor golden doorknob was not

found in one year or ten.

It may take decades or centuries.

Oh well, it’ll be worth more by then.