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The Elixir of Life

By Billy Yung, age 14, Hong Kong


In my hand lies a mystical goblet, shimmering faintly in the dying sunlight:
My elixir of life, useless, a sham.
Dark, terrifying shadows dance in my blurred vision.
Burning with fiery pain, my chest heaves, each breath a struggle:
My life flashes before me.

I am only 14 when a black crown is placed on my head
And a yellow robe with dancing embroidered dragons, hung on my shoulders.
I fix my eyes ahead of me,
For I am a king, the future ruler of a mighty nation.
Yet in the bowels of my stomach churns fear, the fear of death.

At 26 years old, I lead my army into battle.
The blood-curdling chants of my armed men
Cause my enemies to cower in terror,
And I, yes, I watch my enemies scatter in fear.

In four years, kingdom after kingdom crumbles into dust under my iron fist,
For I am the triumphant conqueror of Han, Zhao Wei, Chu, and Qi.
I have built a great wall, stretching over rolling hills and arid deserts.
I have established a mighty dynasty;
Millions of people and vast expanses of land are at my command.

The army of terracotta soldiers I have created is in vain,
For I have failed to stop death’s advance.
I draw my final breath,
Lying on the cold ground: in my outstretched hand,
My elixir of life, useless, a sham.


  1. Anonymous /

    That is a really good work of writing!

  2. Wansu /

    I like this piece.It seems like a mixture of poetry,prose and history.It’s very amazing!:)