Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Feels that I’m Feeling

By Ricky Toren, Grade 11, California


It took me a while to identify my feels that I feel.
The feels that I’m feeling are painful and real!
To figure out if they were real or not,
I sat, I thought, I thought and I thought.
I came to a conclusion; I knew what to do,
My thoughts! They helped me come to a breakthrough.

After a while of the feeling I identified this feel,
It is hunger- a common feeling that’s fixed with a meal!
Oh but the choices are so many, some cold, some hot
And once again, I thought, thought and thought.
Like always, I knew then what I had to do!
I started eating some of that leftover stew.

4.99 dollars for a meal is a good deal!
Especially when it fulfills this feel.
So I stuck it into that big pot
And I heated it up just as I had been taught.
Now don’t ask why I’m telling all this to you!
Just hear and enjoy it….please, and thank you! 🙂