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The Girl with the Flowers

By Kaia Wootton


She is the girl with the flower
Bound to her room
Bound for the meadows
She travels far
Yet stays shut in
Her mind dazzles all
Running for the hills made up of imagination
Basking in the lakes filled with her hopes
Picking roses formed from her inspiration
Though it still seems impossible
To weed the reeds of her confinement
To clean the ash of her restrictions that coats her dream land
And she is brought back
To the room closing off even the deepest depths of her hope
The only lingering sign of light is her rose
Beautiful and delicate
Stunning yet fragile
But even that bites back
Sharp and thick thorns
She would have to weave through
To see what should be seen by all
A polite dress
The thorns drawing blood
Prove she has no chance
She would have to grasp and hold tight to her hope
Brave the storm
To burst through
But for now
She is still just the girl with the flower

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  1. Zack Fleishman /

    Insanely good

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