Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Longing

By Anik Bhaduri, age 16, India


The whistling of the breeze,
The glare of the sun,
Induced his friends
To frolic and fun.

He sat in a corner, puzzled and uneasy,
Wondered why he didn’t like the city that is busy!
Why couldn’t he stop feeling that he is miserably pent
In a place which seems so different?

He couldn’t understand what he lacked;
He wasn’t at all lonely.
He was always backed
By friends, reliable and homely.

The city life seemed all right,
But still, he couldn’t sleep at night.
Although he didn’t like the din and the clamor,
He enjoyed the glitz; he loved the glamour.

As he kept wondering what he was missing,
He could not help a bit of reminiscing.
As he delved deeper into the ocean of memories,
He received the answers to all his queries.

He missed the winding streets that were dusty;
He missed the window-grills that were rusty.
He missed the green fields; he missed the river.
He missed the winds that kissed him as they made the leaves quiver.

In his mind, he suddenly saw a scene
Of his own life, when it was calm and serene.
It wasn’t colorful but in that monochrome.
He saw what he missed—his town, his home!