Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Lumber Jack and the Tree

By Hannah Thompson


Said a lumberjack to his family,
“I’ll go and fetch a Christmas tree.

The lumberjack came out of the house,
Walking quietly as a mouse.

He came upon some pine trees three,
“One of these would be fine,” said he.

He chose upon the smallest tree,
The others won’t fit in his hallway, you see.

The man raised his ax and the tree yelled, “STOP!”
The man, his jaw began to drop.

“Dear tree,” he said. “I mean you no harm,”
“I live with my family right next to a farm.”

“I ask you, tree, if you’d be so kind,
I’ll take you along and leave the others behind.”

“Oh no!” said the tree, “I’ve much to do here.
Of you and your family, I must have fear.”

“But Tree, you’ll decorate the room with light,
Showing off your candles bright.”

If you take me home, my life is done,
So go and buy a plastic one.”

The man left with much dismay,
The closest store was miles away.

And what comes next, I cannot say,
For that is a story for another day.