Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Moon

By Anik Bhaduri, age 16, India


In the darkness of the night
When across the sky bright stars are strewn,
The world is flooded with a beautiful light
Thanks to the beams of the silver moon.

From the heavens does she peep
Below into the world asleep
As on the earth descends a bliss,
For the world sleeps with the moonlight’s kiss.

Assisting an owl in the dark
To prey on a running hare,
Helping a wild forest beast
In the night to find its lair,

Helping a lonely night traveler
In the dark to find his way,
Making the waves look like shining silver
As they dance merrily in the bay,

Adding a silvery sparkle
To the ripples in a river,
Whispering secrets to the rustling leaves
Which in the breeze do quiver,

Making the world a beautiful place,
Lighting it up with her majestic grace,
The moon mitigates the darkness of the night,
Filling our hearts with awe and delight.