Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Moping Mop

By Amelia Nierenberg, Age 16, New York


I lie here on the cold tiled floor
Searching for my only friend
I am wet and cold without him
Could this relationship be at an end?
His plastic, that familiar smell
I shall smell nevermore
I leak the water I got from him
Tears puddle on the floor
My heavy dreads and long handle
Now cold and wistful and sad
I begin to recount all the good times
But now all I have is bad
The trash can open,
Slowly he is lowered in
My friend, my cracked bucket
Now stuck in the garbage bin
That crack was fine!
All water should not need to stay
But since he is damaged
The dear price we shall pay
But here, a new one
To replace my bucket in time
In disgust, I turn away
The water turns to slime
Our friend, the dad, lifts him from his cell
Oh no, what is happening to him?
But with skillful hands, the crack is fixed
With duct tape from the rim
We repeat the vows,
We are together again
Bump our handles for a kiss
And then we say amen.


  1. Reena /

    This poem is one of the most tantalizing, fantastic poems ever written by a colorful author.

  2. Eli Von /

    This is a wonderful poem that really captures the essence of childhood and hits at the promises of adulthood. The things that we carry: our memories and future love. Great work, Amelia!